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International War Criminal

Israel strikes again Is there no end to Israel’s madness and atrocities? Do Harper and Obama have no shame? No balls? No moral integrity? Does MONEY turn all democracies into ineffective stooges to the tyrant and war criminal? Can no … Continue reading

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We are all ‘debt slaves’ now….

…. for life. Debt Slaves Yesterday, I briefly watched a program dealing with Canada’s failed democracy. Andrew Coyne, who is a well known political columnist, and other bigwig panellists discussed with the audience and with others from across the country, … Continue reading

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Where is Gail when you need her?

Municipality to enact public anti-harassment policy In reading this week’s Crowsnest Promoter, I see a story that both baffles me and irritates me at the same time. Municipality to enact public anti-harassment policy. Read the story here. The story gives absolutely no background … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Dead?

Failed Democracy Today, I read the Prairie Post in which a letter to the editor by Larry MacKillop informed me that it looks like there will not be an all-candidates forum in our Macleod riding, for the upcoming Federal election. … Continue reading

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