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I’m the answer to your dreams

Whether some people want to admit it or not in this mayoralty race I AM the answer to your dreams, while the others will only bring you nightmares. Not bragging here, just stating a fact, which I’ll now expand on. … Continue reading

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Sparwood gets the gold, the Pass gets the shaft

A Question of Leadership I found the following article on the now sadly defunct Crowsnest Promoter website (yes, I still visit there…. old habits die hard, I guess) that’s worth a read. Check it out for yourself, and then click … Continue reading

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Investment announcement biggest in Sparwood’s history

Investment announcement Again, our neighbours lead the way…. making us look once more like we are standing still here as a community. Being run, as we have been for far to long, by a succession of Keystone cops. The District … Continue reading

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Are You Not Entertained!

Are you not entertained!! Is that not why you’re here? For some posts now I have deliberately tried to be raunchy, outrageous and provocative, with a swaggering in your face attitude. What with my “lucky spermer club” comments and in … Continue reading

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No Man is an island

For Whom the Bell Tolls; it tolls for thee Recently, I was told by a friend with respect to the mayor “Looks a little haggard and the toll is being taken it appears. Wouldn’t want his or that job for … Continue reading

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To be a fly on the wall…

… and to hear what took place at Popiel’s last night between mayor/council and Community Futures. To be a fly on the wall The other day I was told the mayor had extended a dinner invitation to the board of … Continue reading

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Investing in the Pass….

…. one Co-op project at a time. Crowsnest Opportunity Development Cooperative Last week I attended the Grand Opening and Investor Gala for the Crowsnest Opportunity Development Cooperative (CODC). The purpose behind this event was to bring public awareness (and investors) … Continue reading

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The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism

Economy Below are two contrasting views by way of an editorial and a letter to the editor dealing with municipal governance as it relates to our economy here in the Pass that appeared in the same newspaper this week… Editorial … Continue reading

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Devon donates Ski Hill to Crowsnest Pass

  Ski Hill After leasing the land to the municipality for the Pass Powderkeg Ski Resort for over 30 years, Devon announced it is donating the ski hill land to the community. For some really good news read here a story … Continue reading

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Consol Energy in conditional sale

 …. of its Grassy Mountain lands north of Blairmore Consol Energy Further to my previous post Good News a comin’ I am now at liberty to divulge the secret ‘good news’ I have wanted so desperately to reveal to you … Continue reading

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