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A year on the Fire Department with Steve Munshaw

Steve Munshaw: One-Year Anniversary The Crowsnest Voice has done a story on the one-year anniversary of our municipality’s Fire Chief Steve Munshaw. Give it a read here. The Crowsnest Voice also did my press release for the upcoming election which if … Continue reading

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Entire fire department resigns

Fire Department Resigns Former Crowsnest Pass Volunteer Firefighters I’m sure can relate to this story. Déjà vu, been there, done that. Entire fire department in Winlaw resigns Next door, and close to home. I wonder if this one will work … Continue reading

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Old school vs New school ‘duke it out’

Both schools duke it out Yesterday the gloves came off over Fire Department Insurance Rates with Dean Ward representing ‘old school’ taking an opposite position from ‘new school’ councillor Brian Gallant who miraculously has risen from the dead (must be … Continue reading

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Do we need an attitude adjustment? Damn right!

Attitude Ajustment The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. As my regular readers can see in my last few posts I have been expanding, by way of stand alone posts, on some commenters … Continue reading

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Tidbits from around Town

Tidbits Some of the interesting things being spoken about around town are… Last night’s Council Meeting: Apparently the Smokeaters (Firemen who put on TITV and are in the midst of lawsuits flying back and forth between them and our municipality) … Continue reading

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Bellevue Fire Station to be closed… new one to come

Bellevue Fire Station This week residents here may have noticed Fortis has installed new electrical power pole lines near the intersection of Hwy 3 and 213th Street/9th Avenue in Bellevue. Coincidentally, this location is the exact spot for a proposed … Continue reading

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Pass Herald: Lindsay’s Outlook says it all

Having broken this story here and here last week, thanks to my exclusive one-on-one interview with Pass reporter Lindsay Goss, she now has her say in this week’s Pass Herald… I was not present at the fire; therefore, because I … Continue reading

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Rescue to the Rescue

…. on Fire Response Timelines. The following is an extract from a comment made on our Municipal Facebook page by Darryl Johnson with CNP Search & Rescue on the recent controversial fire story in Coleman, and the subsequent Municipal Media … Continue reading

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Fire response time questioned

Fire Response In this week’s Pass Herald there is an article on a recent fire in Coleman that has gotten a lot of people’s attention due to what has transpired here in the Pass with our Fire Departments, and the … Continue reading

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CNP: New Fire Chief to take reins on Monday

… they made him an offer he couldn’t resist. Charlie Lake Fire Chief moving on   Experts say we need more experts. Experts everywhere agree. from John Prince

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