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Entire fire department resigns

Fire Department Resigns Former Crowsnest Pass Volunteer Firefighters I’m sure can relate to this story. Déjà vu, been there, done that. Entire fire department in Winlaw resigns Next door, and close to home. I wonder if this one will work … Continue reading

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Old school vs New school ‘duke it out’

Both schools duke it out Yesterday the gloves came off over Fire Department Insurance Rates with Dean Ward representing ‘old school’ taking an opposite position from ‘new school’ councillor Brian Gallant who miraculously has risen from the dead (must be … Continue reading

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Recollections from a volunteer firefighter

Recollections Lawrence Rosia is being honoured this coming July 20 at 2 pm in Gazebo Park during next weekend’s Rum Runner Days. “Originally, we were truly a volunteer unit with no pay, no money, but lots of heart,” Lawrence added. … Continue reading

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Bellevue Fire Station to be closed… new one to come

Bellevue Fire Station This week residents here may have noticed Fortis has installed new electrical power pole lines near the intersection of Hwy 3 and 213th Street/9th Avenue in Bellevue. Coincidentally, this location is the exact spot for a proposed … Continue reading

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Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire

Smoke and Fire Yesterday’s presentation of the new Fire Protection Master Plan at council’s G&P Meeting did not set off any sparks… but some smoldering by the public did take place. Talking with many in attendance during the break at … Continue reading

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TECK Sponsors Family Day… or did they really?

TECK Sponsors Family Day Reading the February 14th edition of the The Free Press I see an add on page 9 advertising the fact TECK Coal Ltd. made donations towards B.C. Family Day to the towns of Fernie, Sparwood and … Continue reading

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Press Release by Crowsnest Ratepayers Association

Press Release The following is the latest Press Release from the Crowsnest Ratepayers Association. Give it a read and edumacate yourself on what this citizen’s advocacy group fighting on your behalf here in the Pass is having to contend with … Continue reading

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Group Picture: CNP Firefighters

CNP Firefighters Below is a picture of our community’s newly organized firefighters. Taken during a training exercise last week. CNP Firefighters (click image to enlarge) Comment: Thanks go to Councillor Emile Saindon for making this picture available to me and … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor from Ratepayer Melody Michalsky

Melody Michalsky: Letter to the Editor The following letter to the editor (not available on-line) was in today’s edition of the Pass Herald that, I think, reiterates while expanding on much of what I said in my post of yesterday … Continue reading

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