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Alberta Investors Protection: Town Hall Meetings

Alberta Investors Protection As some of my readers may know I have posted quite a few articles over the last few years on the ‘gold dust twins’ from Bridgecreek (River Run). Those infamous and some would say dastardly individuals who … Continue reading

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When you’re just ‘not’ good enough….

…. to be part of the elites ‘in-crowd’. Having read Sasha JaegerBaird’s blog post Feeling Pushed Out one has to wonder if our municipal boards and committees are now for the ‘politically connected’ only? i.e. wife’s and friends of Mayor … Continue reading

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Sweden legalizes and regulates cannabis

Cannabis Stockholm, December 19 – The Swedish Parliament has approved a law which will regulate the growing, usage and trade of cannabis. This is according to the Health and Social Services of Sweden, Jonas Grönhög, who was quoted, “We don’t … Continue reading

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VIDEO: 12 Triggers

…. from Globalization to World Government. To watch this video in full-screen mode click here.   Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand. from John Prince

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Egypt is Free! When will it be Canada’s turn?

Canadian Freedom Now that Egypt has had theirs when can we in Canada expect ours? Revolution, that is? Are we Canadians not hard pressed too? Do we not also live as a client state to the U.S. Are we not … Continue reading

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Why the World Is Financially Doomed….

…. in Four Charts. (January 6, 2011) Global economy The global economy is doomed to implosion, and here are four charts which explain why. Though the complexities may appear endless, the global economy’s coming implosion is really fairly easy to … Continue reading

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15 year old tells the Establishment….

…. to stick it. Rodney Owen McCarthy Tip: For a bigger screen and to get rid of the anoying ad on the bottom click on the screen and it will take you to YouTube where you can view it on … Continue reading

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Operation Payback

Operation Payback WikiLeaks cyberattacks now involve Visa, Facebook, Twitter, MasterCard Big Brother doesn’t want an internet free of censorship because it gets in the way of their freedom and the multi-national Corporations freedom to hide the truth of how they … Continue reading

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Zionist/Israeli/USA ‘Foreign Influence’

…. bigger threat to Canada than China. Foreign Influence For days now, the head guy for CSIS – Richard Fadden has been under fire for speaking out on the obvious that anybody with half a brain knows to be true … Continue reading

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…. As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer we drop our pretences to humanitarian democracy, instead salute material excess, accept Darwinian business ethics, and pin up as our national polestar the most powerful corporations…. GREED   Men … Continue reading

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