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Egypt is Free! When will it be Canada’s turn?

Canadian Freedom Now that Egypt has had theirs when can we in Canada expect ours? Revolution, that is? Are we Canadians not hard pressed too? Do we not also live as a client state to the U.S. Are we not … Continue reading

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Zionist/Israeli/USA ‘Foreign Influence’

…. bigger threat to Canada than China. Foreign Influence For days now, the head guy for CSIS – Richard Fadden has been under fire for speaking out on the obvious that anybody with half a brain knows to be true … Continue reading

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International War Criminal

Israel strikes again Is there no end to Israel’s madness and atrocities? Do Harper and Obama have no shame? No balls? No moral integrity? Does MONEY turn all democracies into ineffective stooges to the tyrant and war criminal? Can no … Continue reading

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