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Conservatives ‘Economic Action Plan’

…. screwing Canadians out of work one job at a time. Economic Action Plan In Alberta, more so than any other province in Canada, there are fewer and fewer jobs going to Canadians and more and more going to foreigners. … Continue reading

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The Youth Job Crisis

(click here to view enlarged video) Comment:Sadly, it’s not only the youth in this country who are struggling with joblessness. We have a social crisis on our hands that governments turn a blind eye to while hiring media PR consultants … Continue reading

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Where’s the jobs?

Mr. Mayor, Where’s the Jobs? It seems with almost two years under their belts this Mayor and Council are all about status quo, just like the previous Mayor was for almost two decades before them. They’ve created absolutely no jobs, … Continue reading

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Bad Job? “There is no bad job”

Oh yes, there is…. What’s the Worst Job You Ever Had? A response to Jim Flaherty saying “There is no bad job” It’s not even about whether a job is bad or not……there should be jobs out there for those … Continue reading

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