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Time to fade away

A famous general once said: “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” With this disappointing but expected election loss it is now time for me to fade away as well by shutting down my blog. As many of my … Continue reading

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Some people get it…. about me

Yesterday, I received the following comment that touched me deeply. Today I voted JOHN PRINCE! I have never voted for you in the past because everyone says you are a nut case. I read your blog and have to admit … Continue reading

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Crowsnest mayoral candidates debate

Mayoral Candidates Debate Once again, our intrepid reporter Joni MacFarlane with Crowsnest Voice gives us her take, this time on the Mayoral Candidates Debate, which took place last Thursday at the MDM. Give it a read (with video) here. Vote … Continue reading

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The intrepid John Prince: I am come to save you

By the time some people read this I will be on my way to file my Nomination Papers to run for the position of Mayor in the upcoming municipal election. I am come to save you…. because nobody else will. … Continue reading

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A year on the Fire Department with Steve Munshaw

Steve Munshaw: One-Year Anniversary The Crowsnest Voice has done a story on the one-year anniversary of our municipality’s Fire Chief Steve Munshaw. Give it a read here. The Crowsnest Voice also did my press release for the upcoming election which if … Continue reading

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Poll closing shortly: landslide victory predicted

Poll Closing With less than 19 hours remaining until our poll on the left side-bar closes it looks like we can safely declare that John Prince will be the declared winner by a landslide: Here’s the results so far: New … Continue reading

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Disturbing Advance Poll Results

Poll Results Well the advance election poll results on the left sidebar of this blog are coming in hot and heavy and clearly show that Blair has taken the early lead. (Does he have that many employees and family members?) … Continue reading

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Middle-Way: a position between two extremes

…. we want and need, or not? Middle-Way The other day someone by way of comment said the following: Anyone have an idea how many people really read this blog. Are we peeing into the wind, and are most people … Continue reading

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John Prince on How to Move Forward

“I Come In Peace” How to move forward Between old school and new school there is a “middle-way”. It’s the path that leads to liberation for our community from the tyranny of extremism and exploitation that we have endured these … Continue reading

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Voting for a "hot headed, nut job"

Hot Headed Nut Job I’ve recently been told I have an image problem. In that I am perceived to be a “hot headed, nut job”. Throughout history those who passionately tilt at windmills have been described as such. Just as … Continue reading

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