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CFO has to go…

CFO Concerns Joni MacFarlane’s editorial in this week’s Crowsnest Promoter (see below) raises some SERIOUS legitimate concerns with respect to the management of our municipal finances. Municipal misstep Last month provincial Tories told Albertans they’d missed the mark on energy … Continue reading

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Municipal Inspection begins in the Crowsnest Pass

Municipal Inspection begins After months of waiting patiently (sic) residents here are finally getting the inspection they requested from Municipal Affairs. For details on this developing story read the article by Joni MacFarlane from the Crowsnest Promoter here: http://www.crowsnestpasspromoter.com/2013/03/15/municipal-inspection-begins There … Continue reading

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The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism

Economy Below are two contrasting views by way of an editorial and a letter to the editor dealing with municipal governance as it relates to our economy here in the Pass that appeared in the same newspaper this week… Editorial … Continue reading

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News Reporting: Like day and night

News Reporting The above expression, is similar to night and day, but “day and night” implies things got worse whereas “night and day” implies things got better. This week’s news reporting with respect to the Crowsnest Learning Centre (CLC) by … Continue reading

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Devon donates Ski Hill to Crowsnest Pass

  Ski Hill After leasing the land to the municipality for the Pass Powderkeg Ski Resort for over 30 years, Devon announced it is donating the ski hill land to the community. For some really good news read here a story … Continue reading

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Crowsnest Centre site sold

Crowsnest Centre Joni MacFarlane Crowsnest Promoter A large construction company has just been awarded the sale and contract of the former Crowsnest Centre site. Council voted unanimously on Jan. 22 to enter into a sale and construction agreement with Medican … Continue reading

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Best Medical Services in Alberta

…. Bar None! Medical Services Today, in reading the Crowsnest Promoter newspaper I see both an excellent editorial by our community’s star editor/reporter Joni MacFarlane on how privileged we all are to have such an excellent medical system here in … Continue reading

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Municipal Affairs Petition Draws ‘Huge’ Crowd

Municipal Affairs Petition The Hillcrest Miner’s Club was packed to the rafters tonight with a conservative estimate of well over 400 people (seating capacity 160) standing shoulder to shoulder in the main section with many more still in the video … Continue reading

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Public unrest demands attention

Public unrest For an astute assessment of our current situation here in the Pass read Joni’s editorial below. Afterwards, if you happen to see the Mayor or any of the councillors for our municipality have them read it too, for … Continue reading

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