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The best way out is always through

Available Options Disappointment is in the air. According to my blog here and talking with people around town there is nothing but disappointment with what we have to choose from in the coming election. What with most people not wanting … Continue reading

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I’m not impressed, and I’m sure as Hell PISSED!!!!

Municipal Inspection Report Just got back from the Municipal Inspection Report presentation at the MDM and I’m one pissed off individual! But before I get to the reason why let me just say to those who were smart enough to … Continue reading

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Night of the Long Knives

Night of the Long Knives Evident here in the Pass Some old-timers and those who know their modern history know what the title of this post ‘Night of the Long Knifes’ implies. In essence, it is an example of dark … Continue reading

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Medican Hotel Open House: The circus is in town

Medican Hotel Open House Yesterday as I was getting a coffee minutes before the presentation by Medican and Group|Vachon was to begin at the Elks Hall for the new proposed hotel development at the former CLC site I said to … Continue reading

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So God Made A Farmer

Ram Trucks And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a caretaker.” So God made a farmer. The following was a Ram Trucks commercial during yesterday’s Super Bowl. This is to all … Continue reading

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Alberta Works ‘Jobs Fair’ Farce?

Alberta Works Spent 5 hours today in Pincher Creek at the much touted Jobs Fair. For weeks now we have been inundated with newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, web, Facebook, and municipal sites/ads and news articles telling us about this upcoming … Continue reading

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Local RCMP goes viral on YouTube

The Human Face of ‘The Man’… by Pincher Voice Douglas Sokoloski – The Coolest Cop Ever Local RCMP Constable Douglas Sokoloski has been dubbed “The Coolest Cop Ever” by campers who thought they were in trouble when he pulled up to … Continue reading

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Councils updated on magnetite mine process

Nanton News By Sheena Read, Editor Magnetite mine Concerns over a magnetite mine proposed for the southern foothills was discussed at a Municipal District (MD) of Ranchland council meeting May 3. Dan McKim, owner of the DU Ranch, on the … Continue reading

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Terra Vista set for Pincher Creek

Terra Vista Pincher Creek Echo by Debbie Houghtaling A new housing project has been announced in Pincher Creek. The Fast Track Group and Fast Track Capital, is promising a new Terra Vista project in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Fast Track Capital … Continue reading

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Let the punishment fit the crime

…. otherwise its tyranny. Tyranny’s Blind Eye The other day, I read a story that troubled me so much that I now feel compelled to write something about it. I do so knowing full well, I will not make many … Continue reading

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