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Fundamental difference between….

…. citizens and politicians. Fundamental difference One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this … Continue reading

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Mayoralty Candidates need ‘guts to be unpopular’

It seems in this community anybody can ride on a family name or come from the lucky sperm club and automatically get elected as mayor here because of it, without any prior political experience or proven track record. All the … Continue reading

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And Social Justice for All

Social Justice Thirty years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Food Bank or the need for Affordable Housing in this country. Today, there’s hardly a community anywhere throughout this great land without a Food Bank and/or a desperate need … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Calgarians Love Nenshi

 (or, How to Be a Leader) Calgarians LOVE Mayor Nenshi A blogger here on a previous post sent a link with respect to an article with the above title concerning the ‘outstanding’ job Mayor Nenshi has and is doing in … Continue reading

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Open Letter to MLA Pat Stier

MLA Pat Stier Visited our new MLA Pat Stier’s Facebook page today to find more of the same old same old. Left a comment there as follows… Is this what we can expect from you as our new MLA, SMEAR … Continue reading

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Municipal council’s tax grab

…. comes up empty, but the poor must still pay more. Council’s Tax Grab For those who have been following my one-man crusade against our municipal council’s recent implementation of their Property Tax Penalties Bylaw, starting with my initial post … Continue reading

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Wall Street ‘GREED’ Comes to the CNP

Wall Street GREED After working my ass off all week to feed the machine (like most people) I find our trusted leaders have been busy successfully conspiring to steal from the most disadvantaged, destitute and downtrodden in our community… the … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Mel Hurtig: The Truth About Canada

The Truth About Canada Canada’s favorite nationalist Mel Hurtig doesn’t hold back in this discussion on what’s really been happening in Canada for the past forty years. Filmed during Mel’s 2008 tour supporting his latest book, “The Truth About Canada”, … Continue reading

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Topp calls for higher income taxes on wealthy Canadians

The Canadian Press OTTAWA — Brian Topp is boldly going where most Canadian politicians fear to tread: promising to make the wealthy pay more in taxes. The perceived frontrunner in the NDP leadership race wants his party to make higher … Continue reading

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Out and about in the City of Mississauga….

…. with Mayor Hazel McCallion. Rick Mercer – Welcome to Mississauga You have got to watch this. This is an 88 year old Mayor of the sixth largest city in CANADA. She plays ice hockey (watch her skate!). And her city … Continue reading

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