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The cowardly lion: scared by its own roar

…. roars no more. Media Hacks For a really totally biased and slanted story using known supporters of certain municipal councillors, that tries to justify and legitimatize the cancellation of this year’s Thunder in the Valley (TITV), read this. Even … Continue reading

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They Hate Us For Our Freedom

Freedom. What Freedom? Police State vs Freedom The sweet irony of jingolistic Propaganda when it’s used back on the oppressors….   We have met the enemy and he is us. from John Prince

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Where ignorance is bliss

…. you’ll usually find a newspaper editor. Ignorance is Bliss They say, ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’. Sometimes people are more comfortable if they don’t know something. This is usually the result of or condition of being uneducated, … Continue reading

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David Icke Video – How People are Manipulated by….

…. Fear and Propaganda. David Icke What David Icke says here, so say I. “David Icke is not full of shit. He may not be fully correct but his ideas of consciousness are right on.” * Make special note of … Continue reading

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Corporate Media

Corporate Media Propaganda It’s amazing! Corporate Media seems fixated on Dion’s video foible and the ‘supposed’ dissention within the coalition forces, as they have talked about nothing else since Harper’s dissolution of parliament. I got news for them, the history books … Continue reading

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Notes on Media

Media The mass media form for us our image of the world and then tell us what to think about that image. Essentially everything we know — or think we know — about events outside our own neighbourhood or circle … Continue reading

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