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Mr. Mayor, hold off on that bulldozer for the CLC

A few posts back I talked about Affordable Housing and how there was a need for it in our community and how we could go about providing it here in the Pass utilizing the CLC site. Along these lines, Buddy … Continue reading

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Wolves in sheep’s clothing are back

Wolves in sheep’s clothing Must be close to election time for certain media are up to their old tricks again trying to portray themselves as that which they are not. All you Little Red Riding Hoods out there (i.e. the … Continue reading

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Alberta government announces tax deferral option

…. senior homeowners. Tax deferral option for senior homeowners Seniors in Alberta now have the option to defer their residential property taxes to keep extra money in their pockets and enable them to stay in their homes longer. For more … Continue reading

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Jobs, Jobs, No Where a Job

…. especially if you’re a senior. No Where a Job This post is about joblessness, specifically among seniors here in the Pass. Although I am less than a year away from the official age of retirement, for months now I … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Ensuring seniors are given the respect they deserve

NDP standing up for seniors As with the previous Green Party video I posted yesterday, and in the interest of re-enforcing our ABC’s (Anybody but Conservatives), here is one from Jack. Considering the high proportion of seniors living here in … Continue reading

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