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Wanted: Change for the better

…. Received: Change for the worse. Change Wanted Prior to pompous Bruce and his band of merry men taking over our municipal government this community had suffered from stagnation for over two decades and was in desperate need and want of change. … Continue reading

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A DESTINATION… is what we need to become

Destination Crowsnest Pass “In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.” We here in the Pass are ^not^ a DESTINATION. At best, we are but a pit stop. For many existing and new businesses, … Continue reading

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More ‘Pie in the Sky’ from Da Mare

Pie in the Sky Reading this week’s local newspapers I see that Mayor Bruce Decoux is floating an idea of the municipality acquiring the soon to be abandoned Devon Gas Plant land in Sentinel, and turning it into a site … Continue reading

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Last night’s council meeting

Last night’s council meeting Attended last night’s council meeting out of concern for public safety and where we stand having basically no fire departments anymore, and therefore possibly no fire protection? Well, I and a room full of people, including … Continue reading

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CNP Branding Strategy Meeting

CNP Branding About a dozen people showed up for the little advertised branding session that took place at the Elk’s Hall last night. (The municipality really has to get back to advertising in the newspapers again, instead of relying solely … Continue reading

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Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious

A Sad Comedy The following letter to the editor in this week’s Crowsnest Promoter (not available on-line) by way of satire, takes a serious issue, pokes fun at it and the deceitful and foolish clowns responsible for it i.e. the … Continue reading

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Alberta Municipal Tax Class Action Lawsuit

Tax Class Action Lawsuit Many of my readers here know that since our local municipal government decided last year to impose an unfair ‘usury’ property tax penalty on our most vulnerable residents: the poor and downtrodden, along with victims of … Continue reading

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WANTED: Ideas for Economic Development

Ideas for Economic Development We are a community split in two. One part is comfortable and satisfied with the status quo. Some would say, many of these people don’t want things to change. Typically, these are for the most part … Continue reading

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