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CONTEMPT! No I do not support the budget

Contempt! I have read several very detailed articles stating that the Prime Minister of Canada has more Executive Authority than any other leader in the free world, including the President of the United States. Just so you know, Harper is … Continue reading

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Sweden legalizes and regulates cannabis

Cannabis Stockholm, December 19 – The Swedish Parliament has approved a law which will regulate the growing, usage and trade of cannabis. This is according to the Health and Social Services of Sweden, Jonas Grönhög, who was quoted, “We don’t … Continue reading

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Fuck the South

A Member of the Northeast Liberal Elite says “Fuck the South” Came across this today (WARNING: graphic language) that says lots about how U.S. states are divided, with ery similiarities for us here in Canada as well (between our Westeners … Continue reading

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Harper and his right-wing ‘nutjobs’ in free-fall

Right-wing ‘nutjobs’ The HarperCONS conservatives are in free-fall even before tonight’s televised T.V. debate, due to their countless scandals including yesterday’s bombshell regarding unaccounted for and unproven spending, and the outright dishonest and unauthorized usage of Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s … Continue reading

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Harper is a pimp, and Canada is his whore

The New Border Vision Just like Mulroney before him who gave us NAFTA, touted as “free trade” but really an instrument to American domination of our economy, Harper wants to give us a new border deal… “The New Border Vision … Continue reading

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Egypt is Free! When will it be Canada’s turn?

Canadian Freedom Now that Egypt has had theirs when can we in Canada expect ours? Revolution, that is? Are we Canadians not hard pressed too? Do we not also live as a client state to the U.S. Are we not … Continue reading

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