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Middle-Way: a position between two extremes

…. we want and need, or not? Middle-Way The other day someone by way of comment said the following: Anyone have an idea how many people really read this blog. Are we peeing into the wind, and are most people … Continue reading

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Tired of doing it all on my own…

… taking all the risks, while getting none of the rewards. Over the last few weeks, especially, as many of my readers have probably realized by now I have discussed many highly charged and controversial issues that in my opinion … Continue reading

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Province plans change to four-year council terms

Province plans change EDMONTON – Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths confirmed Thursday the government will seek to pass legislation this fall that will set four-year terms for municipal councillors, up from three years. Comment: Now this I think we all … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The Problems with First Past the Post

…. Voting Explained. First Past the Post To watch this video in full-screen mode click here. 6,201 reasons to get frustrated. Canada’s cold new dawn     from John Prince

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It’s Time! Time to ‘kick ass’ Boys & Girls

Time to ‘kick ass’. Tomorrow morning it’s Voting Time. Tomorrow you decide the future for our country. Decide wisely. Make your vote count! And remember your ABC’s – “Anybody but Conservative” Why Does Stephen Harper Want To Be Prime Minister, … Continue reading

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If The Whole World Could Vote?

Now, the ‘whole world’ can’t be wrong. Can they? http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/ After voting, view the results, they’re incredible! from John Prince

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