Tasers need stricter control

…. B.C. inquiry finds.

B.C. inquiry

Much stricter controls are needed over the use of Taser stun guns by police in B.C., former judge Thomas Braidwood says in the first phase of findings from his inquiry into stun guns…

Tasers need stricter control, B.C. inquiry finds


Comment: Falls short of a moratorium on the use of this dangerous, lethal weapon that has been improperly used and misused by our law enforcement people (see Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave). The ready reliance on the Taser stun gun (that in too many cases does more than that) with no controls or safeguards has led to countless inhumane deaths. At least now those numbers will dwindle… but will still continue!

So what has this judge done but merely ‘slowed down’ the death count. But death counts there still will be! I and and so many others were hoping for so much more.

An outright ban of this barbaric weapon is what is needed here. We are not cattle!!!

I read today that the Federal Conservative Justice Minister is in B.C. promoting his Law and Order Bill, which is geared to strike at the little guy while leaving the big guys alone. Yes, the Conservative Government is again pushing a Bill to suppress ordinary people’s rights and freedoms, while giving police even more powers to oppress and subdue the masses to their will and liking (using Tasers), while at the same time turning a blind eye to the carnage being perpetrated by white collar criminals. In addition, they let loose the Whores of Babylon (Corporations) to run amok freely raping and pillaging with impunity.

This is not my idea of living free in a ‘Just Society’, that they constantly bombard us with using their various media propaganda machines. Who are they kidding? They are knowingly and willingly turning our country into a Fascist State with Passports and/or Visas coming soon as a requirement to cross provincial boundaries. Think I’m kidding? Try crossing into the States without one of those these days.

But what do Conservatives (Alliance/Reform) know about justice? They only know Law and Order. Or, as I have put it before… The Law for the Poor and Justice for the Rich’.

A two-tiered Justice System is what we have here in Canada.

Oppressive laws breed contempt and hatred in people towards their oppressors, their slave masters, which ultimately leads to the ‘revolt of the masses’… and violence. More violence… when will we ever learn?


Violence is random it comes from nowhere and leads to nothing. Who can fight nothing from nowhere.

from John Prince
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