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Hero Dog risks life to save dog hit by car

Last night I watched something on TV that really moved me. It was about this dog that risked his own life in a valiant effort to save another dog, who was injured and later died, after being run-over on a busy freeway in Chile. This hero dog crossed several lanes of really busy traffic on both sides of the freeway, and literally dragged his fellow pack member, across two lanes of traffic to the shoulder of the freeway.


Lately, I have been getting a lot of these types of videos sent to me in which more compassion, friendship, loyalty and love seems better exemplified in nature, in the animal world, than what you see in our concrete jungles, we call civilization. Makes you wonder who the real animals are, doesn’t it?

Community Futures

Further to my earlier posts about Community Futures in the ‘Pass, I see there is, at long last, a business profile on them in this week’s Herald. I think they did an excellent job in explaining who they are, where they are, and what they do. It’s a good start!… and about time.

Now, if Community Futures will start loaning out some of that money they have been hoarding for the ‘in-crowd’, to the people who really need it, especially to the ‘little people’, we might actually turn things around in our community of communities, with respect to our economic crisis. Curious though, on what a shareholder in a non-profit organization such as theirs, does? Is all about? Since they don’t return phone calls, I’ll have to ask one of my friends in the know. ;-)

Also found the fact they did not talk about even one success story they have had over the years, a little mystifying? They must have one, right? Btw – the $1.6 million they have loaned out since 1986, works out to approx. $90,000 per year. Not much, considering I hear they have $2.6 million laying around in the bank. At the current rate of investment they are making by way of loans to the people in our community, nobody, including our community, is going to be getting rich any time soon. That’s for sure! But hey, it’s all about PR, right? Does it matter that they are not really fulfilling their mandate, as the staff probably makes more than what they actually loan out every year. Does it? Sounds like a make work project to me, except the only job creation being made is for the ones working for these Economic, Community Futures type organizations.

Citizens Petition to Municipal Affairs

A fellow blogger recently asked if someone could shed some light on what happened the last time citizens of the ‘Pass petitioned Municipal Affairs against their council. The following is what I said, and I think it is worth repeating here:

“I can shed some light on that.”

“How Municipal Affairs handled the last citizen coalition (Ratepayers) against their council here in the ‘Pass, was to pay $50,000 to a conservative ‘friend of the government’ corporate consulting firm, to come down here on a regular basis to try and make a case against a ‘dysfunctional councillor’ (who supported and fought on the Ratepayers behalf), in order to get him off council, and to shut down a citizens uprising against this current ‘conservative’ mayor.”


(Should the Opposition topple the federal Tory government?)
I know! All you conservative types are in shock and disbelief at the results. The truth be known, it was a page out of a conservative dirty tricks manual, I’m sure. :-) The fact is the results might be ‘skewed’ somewhat, considering a mass emailing was done in Alberta of a certain political party’s (other than the conservatives) email address list, referencing one of my posts. :-0 Otherwise, I’m sure the conservatives might have won this poll… by a vote or two. :-)

With the above in mind, an old saying comes to mind: “You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Harper, I hope you are paying attention. :-]

Pass Herald Editorial

I see Buddy went on a political rant and showed his true colours again. (It must be nice to ‘bend the truth’ as you see fit in order to push your own personal political agenda, while getting people to pay you for doing it. ;-))

… “When the formation of the coalition was announced last week the stock market in Toronto took the largest plunge in decades… ”

Which of course, leaves the gullible and less informed with the impression the coalition was responsible for the plunge. Knowing the facts, that that had nothing to do with it, is beside the point. Selling papers and pushing a political agenda under the guise of an editor’s editorial is more important than being factual… it seems. This from a paper that boldly claims to give ‘both sides of the story’.

Speaking of which, Buddy goes onto ‘bashing’ the French separatists in the east, but makes no mention of the other separatists in Canada… the west. Once again, to repeat a line I’ve used before, including in my last post: “Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship.”

Today, with the media, its all about the big lie. If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Isn’t that what Goebbels taught the world? By the way, what is truth? “For the majority of people, truth is the majority of counted votes.”

“… the all-pervading sophisticated and deceiving promotion of television, radio and ‘newspapers’ have become an omnipresent menace of corruption to the public mind and body.”


“Kindness is never lost on an animal.”

from John Prince
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