Do the crime and get the time

…. except in Canada, you say? – Part II

Two-tiered justice system

Well, just like I said in an earlier post Do the crime and get the time… except in Canada, you say? we see Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb are still on the outside laughing at everybody. Livent duo free on bail awaiting appeal

The elite with our two-tiered justice system obviously take care of their own while trying to talk the talk when it comes to crime in this country, but do not walk the walk when it is one of their own doing the white-collared kind of crime (even if in this case it is $500 million). Big crooks hang the little crooks but don’t hang each other, do they?

Oh no, these ‘friends’ of the government will most likely land up doing less than 1 year in jail (and country club type jail on top of that). That is if they ever see the inside of a jail?

Imagine, they dragged this case through the courts for 10 years, are finally found guilty and sentenced to a pittance (think Bernie Madoff (150 years)) and then immediately get out on bail awaiting an appeal (my understanding is when someone is found guilty and sentenced they wait IN jail when appealing).

How the justice system in this country can hold their heads up with a straight face, when this mockery of justice goes on, speaks volumes of the type of people sitting in judgement on us all… and the failed ‘hypocritical’ democratic system that we live under.


The individual feels more and more disoriented, confused, without direction, because all the means to satisfy his basic individual needs are out of his control and he is helpless in an apparently irremediable slavery of social exploitation by big business, big unions, and big governments.

from John Prince
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2 Responses to Do the crime and get the time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post. Compare that with Morton’s rubbish and you see that you might be considered an extremist in your ranks.

    The liberal criminal justice system needs to be destroyed and rebuilt.

    There is too much corruption in the system.

    LEvant gets 7 years while the clown who ripped off 158 million last week got 2 years?

    Corruption is the only possible solution to such a joke sentence.

    Until judges in Canada can be hired and fired, you will continue to see travesty after travesty.

  2. John Prince says:

    There is no ‘accountability’ at any level under our present system. Wholesale change needs to take place, which won’t come from within but from outside. The people need to go in and take over, and throw all these bums out!

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