Conservatives ‘two-tiered justice system’

…. is ‘Justice for the Rich and the Law for the Poor’.

The Harpercons are increasing prison spending by 43% in order to accommodate an influx of new prisoners (our kids), while at the same time keeping more people in prison for longer periods of time. Building ‘super prisons’ to house more people for longer periods of time, at a time when we have a declining crime rate and an aging population?

Ottawa to up prison spending to prep for inmate influx

Nothing the Harpercons do makes any sense? They are solely driven by politics and ideology. As such, they preach one thing and deliver another. Tough on crime (for you and me) while going easy on their establishment friends is the epitome of hypocrisy.

“A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy. ”

Jaffer court case sparks outrage across Canada

As I have stated before, thanks to the conservatives, Canada now has a two-tiered justice system of Justice for the Rich and the Law for the Poor. Canadians faith in our institutions is at an all time low, and we are becoming no different than a third rate banana republic, where money and power talks and bullshit walks.

RCMP Officer Ducks Drunk Driving Charges

No jail in sight for Drabinsky

Class Warfare she is a comin’!!! The Harpercons know and are preparing for this and that is the real reason they are in such a hurry to build super prisons, and why Taser toting law enforcement (sic) agencies are running amok these days leaving dead bodies wherever they go, with impunity. And why Justice Ministers and provincial crown prosecutors say one thing while practising another. Obviously our justice system, RCMP and governing political party are out of control and corrupt to the core, and therefore, revolution is inevitable.

Maybe that is why this government recently signed an agreement with a foreign government (U.S.) to ‘invade us’ if the people here dare to rise up against their oppressors? Think about it! The Harpercon traitors are creating Canada’s very own version of ‘Fortress America’, where the minority will be the ‘have’s’ and the majority will be the ‘have nots’, with the middle-class wiped out of existence. Justice will be dispensed on the basis of how much money and influence you have, and the Law for everybody else.

From the examples above, that is pretty much what we have now. Expect more! Much more!!! And of course, you will learn to take it… because after all… “humans are fundamentally selfish and egoistic and they don’t care about society-as-a-whole.” Well, you better start caring! Because the way things are going, sooner or later, you too will fall victim to the system… if you don’t start standing up to do something about it. We need an election and we need it now! Anybody, but the Harper conservatives!!

The country had fallen into a state of moral putrefaction, with corruption running rampant throughout the government ranks.

from John Prince
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