U.S. study raises more questions

…. about stun gun safety.

Stun Gun Safety

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The Taser stun gun has been advertised and sold as a police tool that can decrease the number of suspect shooting deaths and officer injuries, but a new study suggests its use does not reduce the number of people who die in custody.

The research group found a sharp increase in the rate of in-custody sudden death in the first full year of Taser deployment compared with the average rate in the five years before the stun guns were used. “A little bit to our surprise we found a statistically significant six-fold increase in the in-custody sudden death rate in the first full year of Taser deployment

Over the entire reporting period, researchers found the average rate of 1.57 sudden deaths per 100,000 arrests in the 50 cities. In the first full year after stun guns were deployed, the rate was 5.96 per 100,000 arrests, a 6.4-fold increase over the predeployment period.

Canadian Physicians Concerned

The Canadian Medical Association has raised concerns in the past about police departments relying on the manufacturer’s claims of safety, and has called on police departments to open their databases to researchers… “Greater societal pressure needs to be put on agencies on this to release that information for the public good because people are asking serious questions about this.”


Lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

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