VIDEO: High Stakes

Harper’s ‘High Stakes’ play with our Health Care

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“It’s past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act.”
– Stephen Harper

The above quote has been wrongly attributed to Stephen Harper when in fact it was his former boss David Somerville, former head of the National Citizens Coalition, who said it back in June 1997.


Actions lie louder than words.

from John Prince
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5 Responses to VIDEO: High Stakes

  1. Jose says:

    Many of the problems in the Canada Health Care system can be solved simply by charging a small per visit fee using a credit card system. There should be a way to allow payment for those that can’t pay. This will free up the doctors to do the doctoring, and not to push pills in an assembly line doc visit system. Two more new pills added to the 10 or so already being taken does not solve the person’s health problem.

    For those that cry foul, it should all be free, when is the last time that you’ve seen a freebie not abused. Let’s get the doctors doing the job they were trained to do, and the people of Canada off of the waiting list for getting even the basic treatment.

    Something has to be done to fix the system. Time to wake up.


  2. John Prince says:

    Ah, an honest assessment by an honest man. Thank you Jose. “RISE UP” Canada!

  3. Anonymous says:

    John, I didn’t watch the video, but is that quote you have the one that has been shown to actually NOT be correct. There was something on the news about the Liberals using a quote that wasn’t really said by Harper.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Me again….This is from an online article in the star.
    “The Harper campaign earlier issued a statement saying the quote, “It’s past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act,” actually was spoken by David Somerville, former head of the National Citizens Coalition, in June 1997.”

  5. John Prince says:

    Yes it is. :-) Yes, I believe it was his boss who actually said it, but you know what they say… the boss is always right. So in this scenerio it was the stated position of the organization and those who were running it i.e. Stephen Harper. Case closed.

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