Vote for me – I’ll set you Free!

Vote for me!

Well it’s official, I’m back in the race. Ready to kick ass and take no prisoners. :-)

Since last Saturday, when I posted my doom and gloom news, I have received numerous emails and phone calls from local residents and others, including the media, asking if I was withdrawing from the race? All expressed concern and disappointment… except the one from the media of course. :-)

For the record, it now looks like my chances are ‘very good’ at becoming your next Mayor for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. Due in large part to my wife’s initiative in raising much needed funds (in this regard, a special thank you to my blogging buddy Jose and his wife Darlene for their very generous donation. A heart felt thanks to all my other supporters who have already helped out). Kudos to my wife Diane for always being in my corner for over 40 years now. She is my strength and anchor in times of need, and has come through once again in our hour of need. Thank you baby!

An interesting side note worth mentioning is the feedback I am getting from all quarters, from people having the pulse of the community, is that support for me is Growing! Not surprising really when you consider my track record and proven commitment to this community, and the fact my only opponent at the present time is virtually unknown (aside from some of the establishment types) with even many long time residents not knowing who he is? But I see Lisa (who as we all know, is the epitome of ‘dignity and class’, and therefore knows what she is talking about in her Focus piece) who this week insulted every resident in this community who might or might not have been contemplating running for office (including a fellow businessman) that not having these characteristics, you were ‘unsuitable’ for municipal office… in her opinion? Let me just say, some of our society’s worst scoundrels have been those full of ‘dignity and class’, such as what a lot of people (including the Pass Herald) considered the BBoys to be. They were full of ‘dignity and class’ too… just like our Mayor. (once the books are opened, we will soon see how much real ‘class’ they have, and what if anything is left of their ‘dignity’. :-(

I also see Wendy Zack from the Crowsnest Museum is another one doing her part at promoting my only other (at present time) political opponent for the Mayor’s chair (with the help of the Pass Herald, of course). Although in Wendy’s case, saying nice things just prior to an election about a man running for Mayor whose one and only real community board membership is now front and center as a ‘dysfunctional’ board, I think, is not doing him any favours? :-) Of all the boards in this community, the Crowsnest Historical Society Board is ‘dysfunctional’?? Shocking!!! Boy, we really have hit rock bottom, haven’t we? lol! :-) This years Harvest of Memories should be a blast! :-) :-)

More to come as things heat up and I start rolling. Remember…

On October 18, vote JOHN PRINCE For MAYOR


One man with courage makes a majority.

from John Prince
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8 Responses to Vote for me – I’ll set you Free!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where the hell is the “thumbs up” button on this damn thing…
    And as far as the museum goes, well let’s just say that any direction from now on will be a better one…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am literally raising a glass to you and this announcement John! CHEERS!
    Now let’s put the criminals away for a very long time!

    The truth shall always prevail!!

  3. This is awesome news!! You have my vote of confidence!! Looking forward to some accountability.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good for you John we have a race be strong

  5. Chloe says:

    This is great news John & Diane.All the best with the campaign. Hopefully this election will shine some light on many questionable actions taken by some members of the present council, BC among those issues. Take care.

    P.S. – How on earth has CNP ended up with a ‘dysfunctional’ museum board?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Avast me Hearties, tis talk like a Pirate day on Septemberrrrr 19th, Don’t be fergitin’ to spin a yarn like ye been slippin’ on the poop deck earli in the marnin!

    Best ‘o luck to ye Johnny boy in yer race to the top chairrrr!


    Cap’n Red Beard

    Join the Facebook page: “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” an’ help ChumBucket an’ Cap’n Slappy git thar 20,000 Fans!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good to hear you’re back in the race. This is a critical time for CNP, and you might even say it’s a make-it-or-break-it election for this community. We’re on a sinking ship and unless things change soon, we’re all going to be needing life jackets. At this point, we certainly don’t need someone, anyone, to run for mayor unopposed. I want our next mayor to be someone who has earned the position. At this point, I’m happy it’s a two-man race. If there’s any more “last minute” mayoral candidates, you’re too late and won’t get my vote, regardless of who you are. And if by chance there is yet another candidate for mayor, the votes will really become split, which bodes even better for your chances, John. Boy, am I looking forward to the candidate forum!

  8. John Prince says:

    A sincere Thank You to one and all for your comments and support. (got to work on that thumbs up button!) :-)

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