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Interesting to note that in the West where the percentage increases of people now forced to visit food banks are the highest, is exactly where the majority of TFW taking Canadian jobs is the highest in the country too? Is there a connection here? I think so! Damn right!

Since 2008 corporations and financial institutions are raking in obscene record profits while poverty, homelessness and unemployment are at record levels. Another connection here? Damn right, again! 1 in 6 children go to bed hungry in this great nation every night. The lack of affordable housing and homelessness has hit the stratosphere in this country. And if you think things are bad to worse for many these days, they are ten times worse for the First Nations people on reserves (concentration camps) that this government continues to smear and ignore.

Our government does more for multi-nationals and foreign workers than they do for their own people, while telling us with their phony misleading Economic Action Plan ads how wonderful things are with them at the helm. Ask people at the bottom to middle stratum in our society how wonderful things are and you will get an entirely different picture. Its gone from bad to worse under the conservatives.

Ya, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and now Mayor Rob Ford are just a handful of shiny conservative examples of what’s wrong with our country today being led by self-serving right-wingers who are great at telling the rest of us we must do with less – austerity is necessary and good for us – while themselves being hypocrite pigs at the trough. GREED, excess, and entitlement is the real world they live in, and by. The rest of us are just here (in their world) to pay for it all for them.

These people and the rest of the HarperCONS constantly say one thing while doing another, all the time playing up to their dumb-downed base (who everyday now are starting to smarten up and smell the coffee (Kool aid) that has been tainted), while at the same time being dismally poor managers of both our economy and our country because of their willful blindness to history and to their failed ideology, while still caring little to nothing for those not of their class. And we the people, are paying for their ineptitude and malfeasance every day they remain in power.

The poor are getting poorer, the middle class is being decimated and the rich are getting richer and we the people living in a land of plenty are forced to go to food banks and compete with foreign workers for jobs (that aren’t there anymore) in a race to the bottom, while being denied or harassed when attempting to claim U.I. we paid into but can no longer collect from this morally deficient and corrupt government.

What’s wrong with this picture is what every Canadian should be asking themselves. Go ahead, ask it…


We have to realize that playing within the system is not going to work, some revolution is needed to bring evolution in the system.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the Pass. We have the same thing happening right here, with our inept mare council and administration. Look no further, it’s right in our backyard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    May 2013: The UN Human Development Index has relegated Canada, removing the world’s second largest country from the top-ten list of most developed nations.

    “We’re almost becoming a third-world country because of how much poverty we have.”

    Canada Drops Out of UN List of Top-Ten Developed Nations – PRESS TV

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