Egypt is Free! When will it be Canada’s turn?

Canadian Freedom

Now that Egypt has had theirs when can we in Canada expect ours? Revolution, that is? Are we Canadians not hard pressed too? Do we not also live as a client state to the U.S. Are we not subservient to every wish and demand Israel makes of us?

Yes! In answer to all the questions above. But in addition, we are ruled by GREED, by way of a corporotocracy that continues to bleed and exploit us all… taking our very soul. All with the blessings and support of our cowardly and traitorous quisling politicians, government officials, and their agents… no matter which party is in power.

A big deal has been made about bringing democracy to Egypt, as if that is the panacea of everything good. The bottom line is that democracy is all about money. The few that have it make the rules for the rest of us who don’t. Some kind of democracy?

Canada’s democracy is one that has been allowed to evolve into one of servitude, as “hewers of wood and drawers of water” for the U.S. and corporations. With most Canadians resigned to lives of servitude… indefinitely, it would seem?… as nothing more than wage and debt slaves to the predatory practices and gouging techniques of financial institutions, credit card companies and others of their ilk, greedily feeding at the trough like the pigs they are.

Do we need a revolution here? You bet we do!


Democracy, behind which hides the dictatorship of money, then opens the path to Caesarism and the dissolution of the culture into total formlessness.

from John Prince
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5 Responses to Egypt is Free! When will it be Canada’s turn?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to remind Harper that he’s the head of Canada, not Israel. They don’t need our protection. They’ve got enough nuclear weapons to destroy us all.

  2. John Prince says:

    Harper is a pimp, and Canada is his whore.

  3. peter rosner says:

    anom:731—“someone needs to”—how many times have i heard that in my life–you should review Johns previous column We are the revolution.

  4. Fred Poirier says:

    Hi John,
    about Democracy,
    this is the best form of government only if everyone has a conscience and believes the truth is the only way to go. Other wise it’s just a phony bullshit to control the honest people.
    you go to court, they make you swear to tell the truth, the majority of the people lie under oath including lawyers, police and witnesses and no one gets charged for content to court.
    Some people lose their livelihood, or go to jail for years because of those liars.
    I told the judge in the court room in Port Hardy about the people lying to the police, the police don’t check anything, give those lies to the prosecutor,and you’re suppose to judge me, your Honour. I want to be judged with the truth, the facts, and a proper investigation. The case was immediately dismissed. If an RCMP member doesn’t like you he can ruin your life and destroy your business all by himself. If you complain he has 28,000 members to back him up with those phony investigations done by themselves and they have the guts to ask you if you trust them. This is Canadian democracy. “Sugar coated shit”
    I have 2 cops saying they didn’t investigate my complaint but the RCMP inspector that looks at the files tells me he’s satisfied with the investigation. They don’t even understand each other, that’s the kind of justice we have in our DEMOCRACY. In other words “Keep your mouth shut and suffer you little worm.”
    Justice bares down on police conduct

  5. John Prince says:

    Harper being in bed with Israel, at the exclusion of everyone else, is not only morally wrong but puts all Canadians at risk.

    Fault Lines – Canada-Israel: The other special relationship”

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