Governments big on waste, easy on white collar crime….

…. hard on you and me.

Doctor’s $3.5M deal avoids fraud trial

…. A Toronto doctor has avoided trial for fraud and money laundering after agreeing to repay $3.5 million he wrongfully billed taxpayers.

…. The deal with prosecutors allowed Dr. Lorne Sokol to plead guilty to the lesser offence of contravening Ontario’s Health Insurance Act, which carries a maximum fine of $25,000.

Doctor’s $3.5M deal avoids fraud trial

Note: Because of our two-tiered justice system of ‘justice for the rich, and the law for the poor’ this doctor who broke the law and stole millions will never see the inside of a prison cell. Obviously, our federal ‘conservative’ government encourages and supports white collar crime while at the same time trying to pass Bills (supported by these type of white collar criminals) that throw more ordinary people in jail (including our kids), and for longer periods of time.

These are the seeds that get planted that lead to Class Warfare.

Cornwall sex abuse inquiry

… At $53 million, Ontario’s four-year public probe into child abuse in Cornwall cost more than the province’s last three public inquiries combined.

… The inquiry’s more than $50-million price tag included $21 million in legal fees, $3.5 million in counselling costs and $308,054 in Crown expenditures.

… Cornwall inquiry commissioner G. Normand Glaude released a 1,600-plus page report Tuesday that left the sensational allegations that fuelled the inquiry unresolved.

Ont. premier questions cost of Cornwall sex abuse inquiry

Note: It seems, all levels of government have plenty of money to waste on the greedy (politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors (i.e. professionals), but little to nothing for the needy.

A shake up of our institutions needs to take place from the top to the bottom… and I say, it can’t come soon enough! Revolution, anyone?


Democracy’s founding virtues are freedom and equality, so greed without restraint, producing great inequalities, becomes an undemocratic force.

from John Prince
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