Why don’t you talk to me?

Talk to me

Yesterday, I sent an anonymous email to mayor and council at the request of a commentor in my last post, who provided everyone here with council’s individual email addresses and encouraged people to contact them. I heard back from no one except for Councillor Gallant.

In my email, I asked mayor and council to read John Prince’s blog post What people are saying… “We don’t trust you no more” and to resign. I sent my email anonymously because I wanted to see if any of them would respond to a John Doe resident’s request for their resignation, and if responding, the manner in which they would do so in their reply.

As I have already said Councillor Gallant was the only one to get back to me. His reply here is very revealing, as was the rest of council’s dismissive non-reply. With respect to the latter, it tells me despite their rhetoric to the contrary, they really don’t believe in communicating with the public, especially in a one-on-one exchange of suggestions, ideas or opinions.

Gallant on the other hand showed his true colours of being both two-faced and a hypocrite to boot as per our email exchange “John Prince has had it in for this council since the day after the election so what he says is no surprise to me”. Really, Mr. Gallant? You know for a fact this is not true, and yet you still by way of this email (and who knows how many other times in emails, phone calls, one-on-ones, group discussions, etc.) deliberately and maliciously slandered me? Spreading falsehoods and lies you know to be untrue.

What I find most appalling about this whole business is that Mr. Gallant has gained quite a reputation for accusing residents in this community of going off half-cocked, so to speak, not having all the facts and as such spreading rumour and gossip. Is this not what he has done to me? Except he knowingly knew he was spreading falsehoods and lies about me because for the record it was nearly two years since the election before I even sent in one letter to the editor (regarding Thunder in the Valley) about this council. Roughly in that same time frame, I have actually stood up for them and encouraged people on my blog to give this council a chance.

It is only since this mayor and council let it be known that they are authoritarian and dictatorial by nature and not interested in public opinion, dialogue, petitions, etc. that I have spoken out. I have been critical of them of late for reasons they know all to well. Including, as blogger Jose rightly said by way of comment in my last post…

… That said, one must ask why the present Mayor and Council are pigheadedly forging ahead without involving the Ratepayers and other interested citizens in the process, They are committing the tax payers to ever increasing expenses, without regard for how these will be paid for. Most people do not appear to be against change, but they sure are against “change at all cost”, or “damn the cost and pass the check book”.

No one respects or trusts tyrants or arrogant people. Especially those who are deceitful, lie to people, don’t accept responsibility for their actions, are anti-social and irresponsible, lacking in empathy and remorse. Those are characteristics of Snakes in Suits. Otherwise known as Psychopaths.

In my opinion, council’s obvious disdain for the people and reprehensible conduct to-date in refusing to perform their duties as representatives of the people, in serving them by engaging in meaningful dialogue and discussion to better understand their wants, needs and desires by way of a forum such as a Town Hall Meeting, further aggravates the situation and attests to their on-going psychotic behaviour.

To alleviate or dispel these possible misconceptions there must be dialogue by way of an open channel of communication. We need to talk! Talk to me.

Why don’t you talk to me?


If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jose (repost)

    MESSAGE TO THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL: There are servants and there are “public servants”. We do not have servants here. We do have paid “public servants” as in the Administration and Municipal Staff. They may not consider themselves to be this, but they are. They are well compensated for the duties they carry out, pensions and benifits included. Just ask a person in private industry about this.

    I am not sure what the “elected officials” are. Hats off to them for taking on the task. Yes, they may get a stipend, but the pay does not make up for the work they do, and in this present situation, for the criticism that they are receiving. Do they deserve this? Some people think so, including me.

    That said, one must ask why the present Mayor and Council are pigheadedly forging ahead without involving the Ratepayers and other interested citizens in the process, They are committing the tax payers to ever increasing expenses, without regard for how these will be paid for. Most people do not appear to be against change, but they sure are against “change at all cost”, or “damn the cost and pass the check book”.

    Participatory democracy is needed in this instance. In lieu of cooperation between the parties, Peter Rosner and Doomsayer (and several others) are trying to do this with their posts, because the Mayor and Council refuse to reach out. A sad commentary that it has come to this, where one snip is countered by another snip, as things escalate into the ridiculous.

    So……. It is time for the Mayor and Council to call a meeting with these groups and attempt to get things back on the right track. If they think that there is only one way — theirs — then we are lost, and this Gong Show will continue until the community is ripped apart.

    Mr. Mayor and Councillors, it is up to you.


  2. Peter Rosner says:

    John i would just like to let you know i had a two hour discussion with counciler Gallant today at a local restuarant. It was a continuation of previous topics that we have talked about on his blog and through E Mails. I wiil say this we agree and disagree on present issues council is facing. I got an education on how council and administration are working together and actually agree with some of their philosophy. We are not like minded on the firemen issue or the publics perception of this council. I thought it was a constructive meeting i learned a few things and hopefully my opinion was worth something. If possible i will arrange to visit more of these councilers. Its not a case of “keeping your friends close but your enemies closer”, Nor is it “I do not like that man i must get to know him better” More so an opportunity to let them know the long and short term affects their decisions are having on this community,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi John about M.Gallant look on your blog on april 22 2012 HE said i am not that smart ihave to wait and see the Mayor vision.Even that he got 1410 votes to get the seat he did not give a hoot about you pople You expect him to change now with his nose up to the mayor butt for 2 years let face it the guy like manure. fred

  4. John Prince says:

    Peter, your personal experience with Gallant and future endeavours in having one-on-one meetings with the other councillors is admirable, and I wish you success in learning what you can and sharing your opinions and our concerns with them. I, however, would like to see them extend the same courtesy to the community as a whole as what Gallant did with you in private.


  5. The Doomsayer says:

    I thought, just for morbid fun I would revisit a post I made a month ago Oct 17/2012. This is a portion of that post.

    “Everyone hates each other for presenting an opposing view point & of course, now scrape-goats are made of those who actually stand up to say something.

    I have gazed into my crystal ball (Okay, beer glass) & make the following predictions. This fuss about the firemen will, like all other issues in the past (Thunder in the Valley, River Run, Bridgegate, Crowsnest Centre, etc, etc, etc) will fade with nothing accomplished. The mayor, council & administration will continue to “modernize for the future”, spending money we don’t have, putting the community deeper in debt,(can we say “bankruptcy”?). This debt will be pushed onto the shoulders of residents & businesses, causing even more to leave.
    I foresee that within 15 – 17 years, the Pass will be a ghostly image as people drive through saying “you know, there used to be community here, wonder what happened?”.

    Maybe, just maybe, if we put the past with all of it’s feuds, bickering & assorted garbage behind us, we could actually make something of this place.”

    So, in spite of some of the flack I got at that time & in light of what has been happening over the past 30 days, I ask, was I really so far out?

    Judging by the newspaper & TV stories, blog comments & general conversations, I would say the old feuds & enmity are certainly alive with new ones gathering steam. With all that has & is transpiring, we have a festering boil of pure distrust growing, something that even a total removal of the council, administrative individuals & assorted flunkies will not soon heal. Will this community survive? As a spot on the map, yes; as a functional cohesive unit, probably not.

    The one certain legacy this council will leave is a total & unremitting distrust of any elected official. Will anyone be able to overcome this distrust? Not unless he can walk on water & turn the Crowsnest River into wine.

    “We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors.”
    – Sun Tzu – The Art of War

  6. Jim says:

    I would say that Mr. Gallant is getting ready for the next election. I voted for him the last time but not this time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Gallant seems to be the only one that is willing to talk about the issues, good for him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    see Jim 6:37

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Gallant willing to talk about the issues” I do not think so.

    Try posting a dissenting opinion on his blog. He either does not post it or shuts his blog down while working to implement unwanted changes.

    Gallant only has a conversation when he controls the narrative. I view his conversation with Peter as more then the start of his election campaign.

  10. Peter Rosner says:

    I will eloborate a bit on the meeting i had with counciller Gallant. First of all this goes way back to when i challenged him and other councilers over the position they took over Thunder in the valley. He asked to meet at that time. I really had no interest in meeting him. With the firemen issue council has taken things to another level. I am doing all i can to make things right. I posted on his site again,in response to his most recent topic. He replied on his site and through E-Mails. He asked to meet again i agreed. Through my many years of working with management and fellow employees i know how to sit down and have a positive discussion with people that i may not agree with. If you think counciler gallant is controlling me for Election purposes, you obviously do not know me very well.

  11. John Prince says:

    Doomsayer, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Council’s biggest problem is their apparent inability to deal openly and honestly with the residents they are suppose to represent, and do so in a respectful manner. Gallant’s response to me by email is an example of their dismissive and hostile attitude towards people here. Divisiveness seems to be their modus operandi and has resulted in them tearing this community apart. Arrogance prevents them from putting it back together again.

    Leadership is thoroughly lacking here.

    A friend of mine in an email exchange with me recently, in which I stated I felt sorry for what the mayor was going through, put it well “John, wish I could feel sorry for the Mayor, but I can’t. He is his own worst enemy, and as I said, it is time for him to own up. It is his show, and he made it clear in the Town Hall Meeting that he is the ONE. Not sure if the Mayor can over ride the CAO, or if he uses this as an excuse. We are down the road to the point that someone has to do it. Myron won’t, but should since he is the Admin Chief and I think the buck stops with him re fire chief and other issues.”

    Anon @10:26
    What you describe has been my experiences exactly in dealing with Gallant. Control freak extraordinaire. He has to be in charge of the narrative, as you say, and that is why he and the others on council are so notably absent here on this blog. If they can’t control the message there is no message. Politicians, who fear to speak to the people in open forums because they are scared of blowback, aren’t much good to anyone, now are they?


  12. Chloe says:

    John, a psychopath is not able to ‘own up’ to any decision or action simply because they believe they are right. In their delusional mindset, everyone else is wrong. The BBoys strike a perfect example able to steal money and proceed with their schemes because they have done no wrong. I continue to pray for the future of the beautiful CNP. Take care.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Peter Rosner said:
    “If you think counciler gallant is controlling me for Election purposes, you obviously do not know me very well.”

    I think by “Controlling the narrative” Anon meant talking with different people privately and telling them what they want to hear (avoiding open forums). He is not the first politician to use that ploy.

    We should compare notes on what he has told us.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Controlling the narrative”
    This is a good description of what is going on and why we have no public debate in our council chambers.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4:43
    Re: Council has second thoughts on dissolution of swimming pool board (Crowsnest Promoter – Nov.14/12)

    Councillor Emile Saindon tabled the motion.
    Mayor Bruce Decoux agreed.
    “I think your motion (to table) is most appropriate because… no one really understands what they’re doing tonight,” he said. “I advise… councillors read the information over and be better prepared next time for this motion because this is flying in the face of previous council discussions.”

    Looks like council lost… “Control of the narrative”, now doesn’t it?

    My, my, breaking ranks with the Führer and the CAO. Was anyone taken out and shot for this? :-)

  16. Anonymous says:

    If I were a Councillor (An I am not) or held any other position – and received an anonymous email calling for my resignation on a Friday. Yeah for sure. I’d ignore all of the other emails in my inbox and be all over that one with a huge sense of urgency. You are serious, really?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t you be? After all it was from A Pass Resident a.k.a. Tiddlywinks

    You should get real. A councillor should acknowledge all council related emails coming from residents (Anonymous or otherwise). That’s their job! None did, except for Gallant and he did it poorly.

  18. Peter Rosner says:

    Anon 4:08 he didnt tell me what i wanted to hear. I knew nothing about him prior to the meeting and only went by my gut feeling. Obviously i dont want to elaborate too far about our discussion as that would be my side of the conversation only. Also in fairness if i want to meet with other councilers and they have an open dialogue with me, i am sure they dont want my interpretation of what took place displayed in any form of media. I urge any of your readers to at least make the effort to talk with the various councilers if they refuse your offer than yes you have a legitimate complaint.

  19. Peter Rosner says:

    Sorry John but i just had this thought regarding “Controlling the Harritive” As the author of this blogsite you control the narrative to some degree, Also by my giving input on topics i assist in controlling the narrative. I have been around a lot of strong minded people in my lifetime, who i guess like to control the narritive. I also know the value of being a good listener.People love to talk about themselves.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Admonishing the councilors to do their homework and not to debate. Rich.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Peter Rosner said:
    I urge any of your readers to at least make the effort to talk with the various councilers if they refuse your offer than yes you have a legitimate complaint.

    They brag about how many phone calls and emails they get supporting them, but it doesn’t occur to them to give us their phone #s or email. Some councillors have suggested we accost them on the street and Emile has invited us to drop in to his office during working hours at the landfill.

    Are we supposed to call their home phone #s or knock on their doors? How would His Worship like this? He wont talk to the media, I think he would sic his Peace Officers on you if you tried that.

    Are we supposed to contact them via reception@crowsnestpass.com? I would not be comfortable doing that if I had issues with administration or employees.

  22. Peter Rosner says:

    Anon 8:22 i agree they should make themselves more accessible. The only explanation i have is now they have about 2500 angry residents that would rather tear a strip of them. In fairness i have not gone out of my way to talk to most of them during this term. I have only communicated with Emile Saindon through his blog which he no longer runs so i guess if it is important enough to us we will just have to keep trying. I intend to do just that

  23. Anonymous says:

    Peter Rosner said:
    Also in fairness if i want to meet with other councilers and they have an open dialogue with me, i am sure they dont want my interpretation of what took place displayed in any form of media.

    How about if you recorded/video’d the “open” dialogue, with their permission, so it was not just your interpretation? Why would they object to that?

    Anything they tell us as “Joe citizen” should be public information. They should not require us to make a non-disclosure agreement.

    Gallant did not publish my questions on his blog, instead he answered me by email. This was nothing personal or specific to me, just about public business. I will ask him if he objects to my publishing his email reply.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Gallant owes Mr. Prince an apology.

  25. John Prince says:

    Well Peter, you’ve successfully managed to hijack my blog here with your one man show telling us about your one-on-one with Gallant but very little else while encouraging people to have their own one-on-ones with councillors too, like that would be the solution to solving our community’s problems.

    Unfortunately, no where do you get to the crust of the matter in my post which is council needs to immediately hold a forum by way of a Town Hall Meeting so that all the people can have a real conversation with them so that we’re all on the same page.

    In light of everything here that has transpired your acting as a great conciliator and apologist for Gallant has been ridiculous. I’m sorry to say, but that is how I feel about your on-going, never ending rant here saying lots but actually saying very little in a substantive way.

    Anon @7:13
    I agree! Thank you for saying what should be pretty obvious. I would just add that Gallant and the rest of council owe this whole community an apology. But sadly I doubt that will be forthcoming any time soon.


  26. Anonymous says:

    JP, are you still applying to this ? :


    It says:

    All Committee meetings shall be open to observers from the public unless the matters under Committee consideration pertain to:

    v. Any other topic which in the opinion of the majority of the members of the Committee is of a confidential nature.

    Committee members may not publicly criticize other Committee members or the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Council, the Economic Development Officer or its staff member(s).”

    This is another variation of the same ploy: “To join our inner circle of secret knowledge you must swear loyalty.”

    (And, BTW, have these guys never heard of the FOIP law, which says: “NO, you can’t keep anything you want secret”.)

  27. John Prince says:

    Anon @11:07
    Good comment! Your point is well taken.

    To answer you question, I applied months ago but understand not enough significant others did too so they are still short of volunteers to put a board together.

    Irregardless, I now understand Gallant will be on this committee as the council rep and knowing his dislike and fear of me, I doubt very much I will eventually be chosen to sit on this board.


  28. Anonymous says:

    I do not think this board for economic development or any other board will get enough volunteers.The bridge has been burnt and council has not even begun to rebuild.
    Actually they might get these boards filled with there wives and friends.I thought I seen Gallants wife is now on a board ( is there a conflict of interest there?). And we all seen how well it worked out for Emiles wife. And I mean no disrespect.

  29. John Prince says:

    Anon @12:21
    Long-time residents here who voted for a name not knowing the man thought their community would be in safe hands with a local boy with letters after his name. Well, were they ever wrong. He has brought more havoc and undesired change than they could’ve ever imagined in their wildest dreams.

    Sometimes it pays to go with the devil you know, than the one you don’t, now doesn’t it? At least you know what to expect and what you’re getting.

    With respect to the EDB. It is especially disappointing that even establishment types and economic gurus are not stepping forward. When even the 1% want nothing but distance from this council, we really are in bad shape.


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