Wow! What a ‘wonderful’ weekend!

HarperCON conservatives dropping like flies while their leader can’t get out of town fast enough. :-)

Seriously, shameful and disgraceful would be understatements with what went on this past weekend in Ottawa, including the Mayor of Toronto going underground when alleged accusations of crack smoking came to light. As did the leader of our country go underground too, rather than having the courage to face head on what his jaded elitist cabal and his own self have been up to with self-entitlement and above the law accusations of fraud and other supposed criminal activities.

All this stonewalling is totally unacceptable to the people and to the opposition, and to the media, goes without saying. Taking personal responsibility (the ‘mantra’ of right-wingers everywhere) when the shit hits the fan with these people is once again proven to be, like them, so much hot air. Duck and run and throw whoever you can under the bus to avoid taking personal responsibility for your own actions. This from leaders who portrayed themselves as being so tough and manly, all the while beating up on those who could not fight back: the destitute, working poor, the elderly, the unemployed, etc., etc. In other words, the bottom stratum of our society without means or wherewithal to defend and stand up for themselves. As well as more and more these days the middle class too. Yes, the bullies are being shown up for what they really are… a bunch of gutless cowards! In my mind, this is some kind of ‘wonderful’.

Harper’s official excuse for why he won’t entertain questions from the media (and thereby the people) is he’s going on a trade mission. A trade mission with countries we already have trade with? Uh? And that he is attending a conference where he is not one of the players being denied membership because of his dismal track record and therefore will be there as an observer only. Another, Uh?? Well I guess these are as good enough reasons as one can find in desperation in order to avoid dealing with a crisis (of his own making, most are saying) in his own country. Get out of Dodge is Harper’s response. Run and hide!

The question is, what does the general public think about all this? And more importantly what do the good ‘true conservatives’ out there (many of whom are Harper’s base) think about the fact that this government is tainted by allegations of personal avarice covered up by backroom maneuvers. This, the party that has cloaked itself around saintly virtues of accountability, integrity, high morals and ethics, only to discover it looks like they have all been fooled by a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde act by their illustrious leaders.

Over the years, a lot of corporate and governmental malfeasance has been committed by people who claim to be religious, but to me, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. The proven actions of both Stephen Harper and Rob Ford suggest they are as guilty as sin and while as the future unfolds they can most likely use their PR media spin people to try and put “lipstick on a pig” as the saying goes, they are still for all intents and purposes presently looking like foul, stinking pigs.

If there is still any justice in this great land I’m thinking Jim Bakker of Bible thumper infamy will soon have to move over to make room for all the HarperCON hypocrites that will, hopefully, be joining him at the crowbar hotel, leaving our political and religious institutions somewhat purified once again.

Now there’s a dream worth living for.


Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

from John Prince
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Toronto
    Population 2,504,000

    Welcome to Ontario’s Capital
    “Our Hockey Team Sucks and
    our Mayor Smokes Crack.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Harper did restate the need to “uphold a culture of accountability” and his strongest card is that no-one could ever conceive of him cheating the system for his own gain. “Whoever wishes to use public office for their own benefit should change their plan or leave this room,” he told caucus.

    But those are hollow words coming from a leader who is in danger of looking like the driver of the getaway car.

    John Ivison: Harper’s speech was a chance to be accountable. He blew it

  3. Jose says:

    John, there doesn’t appear to be any relationship between party, religion, right vs left, conservative vs liberal or progressive, when it comes to the actions of the politicians. The fish rots from the head, as we see federally, provincially, municipally and locally. It certainly is ironic when the religious types get caught with their hands in who knows where.

    The factual and perceived sense of entitlement shown by those in power, elected or appointed, is well entrenched. Their elitist attitude places them above us minions, and they think that it is their right to feed at the public trough. It has transitioned from the sublime to the obvious, and little is done to hide the thievery anymore. Be it the Governor General, the Senator, the MP, their support staff, etc etc the trend is the same. Illegal, unsupported or questionable expenses are seldom questioned or challenged. Some are even repaid, usually under “no-fault” conditions. Sad.

    They protect their own and really don’t fear the people who voted them in. That is because we keep voting them in, so who and what is there to fear. We are the suckers, in their minds.

    As the economy and country heads towards the moment of truth, the politicians are grabbing all they can, while they can. It runs throughout the system. Many have been in office for toooo long, and have feathered their, family and friends nests. Why, because they can. Where are the Ombudsmen when you need them?

  4. John Prince says:

    Oh, this is priceless. An interesting Freudian slip, eh Johnnie?

    John Baird: “Let us replace accountability with corruption”

    John Baird preaches the benefits of Harper’s new Accountability Act


  5. Anonymous says:

    Chris Hedges is correct but who is there to revolt? In the USA, the Department of Homeland Security has armed up with 1.6 BILLION hollow point bullets, guns, armoured personnel carriers and storm troopers, At the same time they militarized the police forces– SWAT teams routinely are used for normal police ops. We are not far behind here.

    That is why there will be no revolution. Our freedoms will be and are being taken away each day, as we move closer to total Government control over the masses, as the elite are protected and allowed to debaucle us. Call it fascism, extreme socialism, totalitarianism or whatever- it is not democracy, whatever that is. The 20 percent will control the 80 percent, since they have most of the money, amd will enslave the 80 percent. We are screwed.

  6. John Prince says:

    Good to hear from you again and yes I totally agree with what you say. Under our present system with the rules in play, it doesn’t matter the party, Liberal, conservative, whatever, they all land up being corrupted. Its built into the system and as such inevitable.

    However, this government of Harper’s is like no government we have ever seen or had before. The capture of political power by the forces of corporatism has occurred here in Canada. This should be obvious to anyone who pays attention to politics in this country. Harper is a traitor who is selling his people out to lives of wage and debt slavery on behalf of his masters in corporatocracy.

    This is the problem. This is why I am glad to see what I hope is the house of Harper crumbling.

    Anon @7:54
    I don’t know what the answer is or if we still have any chance at turning things around but I do know we must revolt. As Chris Hedges says, this is pretty much the only means left to us. Each of us in our own way must stand up and do what we can to be clogs in the machine. Otherwise slavery will be the lot for mankind in the future, as it is slowly becoming the case now in the present.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I also follow USA politics and I”M horrified at what is happening there. We MUST stand up for our rights and it has to start right here, as we are being enslaved by this administration.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Using Senate finance data from the last two years, our interactive graphic sorts living and travel expenses for individual Senators.

    Senate finance data

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Harper industry runs Canada not democracy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Industry may also write the laws for the government, at the expense of the small business owner and small farmer. These are toast. Monsanto GMO seed is an example. So far (as we know), it doesn’t appear that the Feds have sicced the Department of Revenue after their opponents, lefty newscasters, and associations, like in the US IRS. Right , Centre or Left — there is no difference between runaway governments.

    The plan for the North American Union moves on, using the USA’s illegal immigration problem (and solution), heavy-handed federal government administration tactics and the entitlement society to achieve this. When one can fire a local citizen and import a foreigner to replace him on the same job, the end is near for the middle class as we know it. Hmmm, sounds like the TFW program.

    We will become worker bees for the corporations. That is why government jobs will become coveted, as in Europe.

  11. Anonymous says:

    At the risk of stirring up a hornet’s nest, I have been aware for some time now, that the public education system is where you get the “worker bee” education, while the “elite” send their children to the places where they are taught to “think,” “lead,” and become the future “elite.” One of the reasons why we keep getting the same ole, same ole, to govern us. We were taught to follow, and have faith in “our leaders.” It’s pretty hard to break free from such training. I’m feeling a little rebellious tonight, so I think I’ll push the ole “publish” button on this one!

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