Year-end Tidbits

From reading our local papers this week, I see at least two stories worthy of comment:

Adhoc Committee to be Developed

Council in conjunction with Community Futures and the Chamber of Commerce has decided to establish a committee to deal with our local economic crisis. This is a good thing! Although, I see they were reluctant to give credit where credit is due What is to be done?. But that is alright, I’m used to the powers that be in this community, over the years, shunning me, while behind the scenes implementing many of my ideas and suggestions as their own.

The point is that we will be starting a new year on the right track, provided they also get some representation from members at large, and get a chair for this committee that is up to the job, challenges and opportunities that he/she will have to contend with. Provided of course it is not our mayor, who has proven over the years he is not up to the task. In my opinion, having him as chair would only defeat the committees’ work before it even got off the ground. His priorities over the years has not been focused on community economic development, but rather it has been on infrastructure projects with his buddy Drain. That’s why we have no reserves and are deeply in debt. I predicted years ago, that the way we were going we would have years of increased property taxes to pay, stagnation and a declining population, and that is exactly what we have been having and will continue to have for some time to come. But hopefully, this adhoc committee will have the end result of eventually helping to turn things around economically and socially, for our community of communities.

Tasers recalled by province

My position with respect to this issue on Tasers should be clear by now Land of the Taser, Home of the Slave. Alberta’s recalling of a certain model of Tasers should be followed by a total ban, as Quebec recently did. These weapons have proven time and again to be ‘lethal weapons’ that are being used by misguided individuals who have been brainwashed into thinking they are not, until it is too late, and soon find themselves being ‘murderers’ of those they were suppose to serve and protect. How many more of our fellow citizens have to die in this gruesome manner before something is done? Maybe only when a prominent citizen, or their child, falls victim to one of these Taserings, will something finally be done about banning their use by our law enforcement people. After all, we are not ‘cattle’ to be ‘shocked to death’, despite the views and positions of certain Conservatives (Reformers/Alliance), including Minister of Public Safety (sic) Stockwell Day.


“Bad things are easy to do, good things are done only with work and effort.”

from John Prince
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