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They Hate us for our Freedoms

They hate us for our freedoms. Ya, right! The dregs of society. This is the other side of capitalism they don’t want you to see.

The system is never to blame

corporate profits‘Magical Thinking’ defines the ideology of capitalism. Quotas and projected sales can always be met. Profits can always be raised. Growth is inevitable. The impossible is always possible. Human societies, if they bow before the dictates of the marketplace, will be ushered into capitalist paradise. It is only a question of having the right attitude and the right technique.

“When capitalism thrives, we are assured, we thrive. The merging of the self with the capitalist collective has robbed us of our agency, creativity, capacity for self-reflection, and moral autonomy. We define our worth not by our independence or our character but by the material standards set by capitalism – personal wealth, brands, status, and career advancement. We are molded into a compliant and repressed collective. This mass conformity is characteristic of totalitarian and authoritarian states. It is the Disneyfication of America, the land of eternally happy thoughts and positive attitudes. And when magical thinking does not work, we are told, and often accept, that we are the problem. We must adjust. We must have more faith. We must be positive. We must envision what we want. We must try harder. The system is never to blame. We failed it. It did not fail us.”
Chris Hedges, America: The Farewell Tour

Corporate Capitalism

America is rapidly devolving into a third world nation run by oligarchs, corporations, and militarized police. An anemic democracy is being replaced by an authoritarian state. Tens of millions of people brutally controlled already live in perpetual poverty. This is a result of unchecked corporate capitalism. The goal is to make us all serfs on the corporate plantation.

corporate capitalism

We have to grasp…. that corporations are not concerned with the common good. They exploit, pollute, impoverish, repress, kill, and lie to make money. They throw people out of their homes, let the uninsured die, wage useless wars for profit, poison and pollute the ecosystem, slash social assistance programs, gut public education, trash the global economy, plunder the U.S. treasury and crush all popular movements that seek justice for working men and women. They worship money and power.

Corporate capitalism is establishing a neofeudal serfdom in numerous occupations, a condition in which there are no labor laws, no minimum wage, no benefits, no job security and no regulations.

Laissez-faire is critical for today’s aggressive corporations because they cannot operate at their gargantuan level without almost total freedom. Corporate businessmen cite as their biggest enemy, government. They see greed as a solution rather than a problem. They despise the push for equality as a death-knell. They refer to justice as something the envious dreamed up. For them democracy is no more than a bright tinsel wrapping to be torn off the moment it poses any real constraint around their freedom.

Some corporations have now grown gigantic, actually becoming global forces with more power and resources than some countries… they float above the world’s constraints. They are alien to the notion of democratic responsiveness, internal or external. In the universe of corporations everything focuses on the acquisition of resources, labor, and markets. These are the sources of power. Inside corporations Equality hides her face. In democratic America most corporations are iridescent examples of autocracy, thriving on soil where the Constitution guarantees everybody’s freedom and equality… First, we are all educated to look elsewhere, for instance to unchecked government, as the primary threat to freedom. Second, corporations make and sell our creature comforts, so we can’t tamper with them without threatening our prosperity. Third, we feel powerless. The concentration of corporate power is inverse to people’s feelings of personal power. Fourth, we see no alternative.

Corporate agenda

There is a colossuses of indifference “of such power as to weaken government’s ability to control them,” so that “corporation now govern society perhaps more than governments do.”

“For in a world where anything or anyone can be owned, manipulated, and exploited for profit, everything and everyone will eventually be.” However, every corporation’s Achilles heel is concealed in its original incorporation papers.


Achilles heel of these massive companies is in their articles of incorporation. Under the law, a company’s articles can be revoked and it has to cease doing business. Should ‘three strikes’ be applied to corporations as well? Some corporations do damage. Some are persistent violators of the public trust. Perhaps three convictions (or three public interest law suits lost) should be the limit, and their corporate articles revoked.

Still blows my mind how the empire can rob Americans blind, keep them poor, deprive them of all normal social safety nets, oppress them, exploit them, throw them into the largest prison system on earth, work them into the ground, and then convince them to be angry at China. Go figure?



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