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The West Through the Eyes of North Korea [LEAKED PROPAGANDA]

Earlier this year (2012), North Korea released a film titled “Propaganda”. We are brainwashed by our overmasters to have certain perception of North Korea so naturally, you may assume from the title that it’s a propaganda piece about the glorious nation. It is not. What the film does is describe how propaganda is abused outside of North Korea and how the lot of us who live in the west are victims of it. It’s kind of scary how it takes the most isolated country in the world to break our society down to the most inconvenient detail and remain bang on.

In simple terms, Propaganda is a film that lays down what we all know, but are afraid to admit. It is a film about how minds of the lot of us who live in what we are told is the “free world” are manipulated into dancing to the song our great leaders have chosen for us. It is a film which says it like it is and does it so directly, that unless you have removed the rose colored shades from your nose, you will become defensive.

None of us knows what North Korea is really like. As such, all we know about North Korea is what our great leaders tell us. Or what traitors who deserted their home land feed us with to feed their own pockets with manipulated sympathy. The amount of shit they’re full of only compares to the amount of shit Sunni murderers who escaped prosecution for crimes against humanity by getting asylum in western countries overflow with, or the amount of utter shit piece of shit Cubans who have nothing good to say about their country stink of.

The Propaganda film gets it right by calling the western sheep “consumers” for this is precisely who they are. The film also gets it right by calling the western sheep “compliant slaves” for this is also precisely who they are. Wanna know how much of a sheep you are? Watch the video and see how it makes you feel.



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