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Trudeau’s Self-Serving War with Russia

Well, here’s a little piece of a video that explains why our illustrious leader Trudeau is so eagerly beating and fanning the flames of war by the west against Russia. For self-serving reasons, as it turns out. Its the economy, stupid…. Just got to get past that pesty inflation business, and we can replace Russia as a global supplier of raw materials and such, and reap the rewards of this Ukraine/Russia war.

Yet, another war for profit, disguised as a war for freedom and democracy. Ya, right! We’re such suckers to believe this again, but some of us are not. Sorry!



“Canada is an interesting country because it occupies a geography quite like Russia and it has under its soil resources quite like Russia. And here’s a lesson we can learn as Russia gets frozen out of the world economy, at least that’s the goal of the sanctions, as the people imposing them from President Biden on down tell us.

Well, understandably, people who need exports of raw materials and so on from Russia have turned to Canada because it has the similar products and the Canadians of course seeing profit are trying to respond. But here’s the problem. A sudden increase in demand means that Canada is discovering it doesn’t have the rail cars to move the stuff, it doesn’t have the machinery to get the stuff, it doesn’t… you see the problem.

And here’s what’s happening. The demand in Canada is driving up the prices. Because people are so needful of replacing Russian material Canadians can raise the price for everyone, which means inflation for everyone.

The sanctioned program is creating supply-chain bottlenecks that are driving up inflation everywhere. Think about it the next time you hear someone, oh like President Trump. Remember, “trade wars are easy to win”. Not so quick. Yours against China didn’t win and this one is running into more and more problems. Its not so clear who’s the economic winner and loser on this one.”


The reason which governments give for wars are always screens, behind
which lie completely different reasons and motives.



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