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State Terrorism rears its ugly head, Again! AGAIN!

State Terrorism: Tyre Nichols

Yet again, the state and their goons terrorizing the masses. The violence perpetrated by the state goes on and on, never ending. Will it ever end? No! It won’t end because the police are agents of the state and with the state its all about control. The state and by reflection the police don’t give a shit about the people only about power, intimidation and control. Fear is their catalyst in achieving their aims. The more you fear the police and the state the more you will stay in line. Fear is the brain killer. People need to overcome this fear and take back their streets and country from the fearmongers.

Memphis videos of the beating of Tyre Nichols. Police brutality, as bad as it gets…


What have we learned in the thirty years since the Rodney King beating… NOTHING! What have we done about it? NOTHING!

We be slaves, they be our masters. Until that changes nothing else will. But one day it will change. That day will be when the slaves realize ‘We be many, they be few’….



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