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George W. Bush – War Criminal

A German MP calls for jailing George W. Bush

“We all agree that the war in Iraq was a major crime.” In a single night, the US Army fired more than 300 cruise missiles from its ships in the Persian Gulf at the start of the war in an area of 5 million people.
The US Army fired 2,000 tons of armor-piercing uranium munitions. To this day, Iraqi children suffer from it.
The heads of state responsible for this must finally be held to account, which will also restore a minimum of credibility to Western foreign policy. On the other hand, the continued culture of impunity is totally unacceptable.
Journalist Julian Assange, who uncovered war crimes in Iraq, is now redeemed in prison. “Julian Assange should be released; war criminals, not journalists, should be in the dock,” said Bundestag deputy Sevim Dagdelen.


A lone foreign member of parliament speaks a truth all members of parliament in all countries should be speaking. Why are they not? Because they only know how to kowtow to America, not stand up to it. America is like the pied piper to the west and they follow it to their doom. Today, its Russia, tomorrow China. The warmongers beat the drums of war and the west obediently follows. Meanwhile, America is on a downward slide trajectory not only economically but societally as well, and the west is following suit.

America has no legitimacy any more for it does not hold to account those of their own, only those of other countries. A rules based order is not for them, only for others.

In this regard, a new day is arising, one in which might will not mean right. The arbitrary unipolar world hegemony the United States has enjoyed and wasted with all its corruptions and hypocrisy will soon be replaced by a multipolar world in which nations work together, not against each other, in a cooperative manner to the benefit of each and all.

As the world becomes more interconnected and globalized, countries are seeking to align themselves with others that share their values and goals and Russia and China are leading the way in this direction. Many experts see BRICS as one of the centers of the emerging multipolar world, free from the global hegemony of the West. Nations are joining a new world order that doesn’t include Yankee Imperialism. That’s a good thing! Go home Yankee is now the new international cry. Go home Yankee!!! And may George W. Bush and his cohorts rot in hell for their crimes against humanity.


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