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An atheist once came to a great sage. He started telling him that he didn’t believe in God. He wasn’t sure what to believe in, but he couldn’t believe some sort of “creator” made this world.

A few days later, the sage came to the man’s home and brought him a beautiful painting. The atheist looked at the painting. He was in awe. It was the most exquisite painting the man had ever seen.

“This painting is so beautiful, who is the artist?” he demanded of the sage.

The sage answered, “Artist? What artist? No artist painted this. I just took a few colours, slashed them onto it, and what you see before you is the result.”

The man began to laugh. “Surely you’re joking. That’s impossible! It’s such a beautiful work of art, such exact curves, exact lines, beautiful colours. The correct mix could not have occurred just by you throwing the colours on the canvas. There must have been premeditation. There must be an artist who planned this whole painting out, who created this work of art.”

The great sage smiled, and he said to the atheist, “You can’t believe this one work of art was created haphazardly and without thought, without a Creator. However, you want me to believe that this whole beautiful world with its oceans, forests, and trees, with its perfect seasons, you want me to believe that everything on this Earth came about without a Creator, without thought, without premeditation!”


He thought as a sage, though he felt like a man.

from John Prince


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