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US Hegemony Threatens Us All

Censorship and propaganda, the two arms of imperial narrative control, are escalating like nothing we’ve ever seen before and FB is in lockstep with this agenda.

Trudeau’s recent implementation of the Emergency Act tipped their hand (so-called western democracy’s) as to the tyranny that awaits us all who dissent against capitalist and imperialist control.

The enemy is ^not Russia or China. What threatens us and the world as a whole is the mindless quest of US unipolar planetary domination. You don’t become a unipolar planetary hegemon by being nice, you do it by forcefully tilting all global happenings toward your benefit. Which is what we are seeing playing out, once again, this time in Ukraine with NATO (US sycophants) doing their part with our illustrious Trudeau as the main cheerleader from Canada.

US Hegemony

Know thy enemy, they say. Well, all we have to do is look in the mirror. The enemy is US.


When the media refuses to inform and the public no longer questions, that truly is the beginning of the end of democracy.


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