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How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion

“How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion“ – Caitlin Johnstone At Ron Paul Institute Conference

The mainstream media and its partners in government want to silence any non-regime voices. Australian renegade blogger joins the Ron Paul Institute’s August 18th Washington conference to tell us how we can fight back!

Those Who Control the Narrative Control the World

…. says Caitlin in her introduction to this video. The elites control the world because they control the dominant narrative. The elites have to retain the dominant narrative in order to maintain control over the masses. And that my friends is their Achilles heel.

Caitlin gives the election cycle of 2016 as an example when the elites lost control. Who would have thought a wiry old geezer from Vermont nearly felled the anointed queen by sheer people power alone. The DNC had to actually rig the primary to get her through. The elites had lost control of the narrative.

So 2016 happened for two major reasons. 1st trust in the mass media is at an all time low and 2nd our ability to network and share information is at an all time high. This poses a very real and direct threat to the ruling power establishment, and they know this. So they have two main goals. They need to bring back trust in the mainstream media while also bringing down our ability to share information and ideas. That’s a really big task they’ve set themselves, especially because all the while they have to maintain the illusion of freedom and democracy. The entire power establishment is built on war, exploitation and ecocide and it depends on manufacturing consent for those things so that they don’t look like what they are. They have to maintain this illusion so they’re fighting with their hands tied behind their back…. They can’t just come out and say “Guess what everybody we’re locking down the internet”. They have to do it really slowly, incrementally starting with Alex Jones and Julien Assange, moving on to the smaller but important antiwar voices like Peter Van Buren….

Watch the video for more. Its a real eye opener….



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