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The Counter-Summit for Democracy

00:00:00 – Intro (Carlos Martinez)
00:07:40 – Margaret Kimberley
00:19:30 – Lowkey
00:36:40 – Luna Oi
00:50:56 – Carlos Ron
01:06:38 – Pawel Wargan
01:16:46 – Calla Walsh
01:27:37 – Ju-Hyun Park
– Mohammad Marandi
01:48:22 – Ben Norton
02:03:00 – Conclusion

About this Event

Biden‘s attempts to consolidate a ‘democratic’ alliance are part of the escalating US-led New Cold War. Labelling socialist and anti-imperialist states as ‘authoritarian’, the US ruling elite seeks to consolidate a military, economic and political bloc on the basis of its own narrow interests, and to build popular support for its rising hostility towards China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, the DPRK, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria, Eritrea, Zimbabwe and other countries in the crosshairs of imperialism.

The US and its allies are seeking to universalize the Western model of so-called liberal democracy. This narrative provides valuable cover for the fundamentally plutocratic nature of neoliberal capitalism, whilst simultaneously asserting that all other models of democracy – such as China‘s whole-process people’s democracy – lack legitimacy.

Held to coincide with Biden‘s Summit for Democracy 2023, this counter-summit will: expose the hegemonic reality behind the US’s talk of a ‘rules-based world order’; explore alternative models of democracy; denounce US-led attempts at ‘decoupling’ and incitement of division; promote an emerging multipolar, multilateral model of international relations; and call for global cooperation to solve the vast problems collectively faced by humanity.

Carlos Martinez


Margaret Kimberley (Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report)
Lowkey (Musician and activist / Journalist with MintPress News)
Luna Oi-Nguyen (Vietnamese blogger and broadcaster – Marxist/Leninist popular educator and Youtuber)
Carlos Ron (Venezuela’s vice minister of Foreign Affairs for North America)
Pawel Wargan (Coordinator of the International Secretariat, Progressive International)
Calla Walsh (Co-Chair of the National Network on Cuba)
Ju-Hyun Park (Organizer and writer with the Nodutdol collective)
Seyed Mohammad Marandi (Professor, University of Tehran)
Ben Norton (Editor, Geopolitical Economy Report)


This The Counter-Summit For Democracy webinar is jointly organized by Friends of Socialist China and the International Manifesto Group. The following groups/publications are co-sponsors:

Geopolitical Economy Report
Geopolitical Economy Research Group
Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War
Hampton Institute
International Action Center
La Città Futura
Pivot to Peace
Peace, Land, and Bread
Popular Resistance
Qiao Collective
Veterans For Peace – China Working Group



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