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France on Strike – Vive la France!


Millions march against Macron. The working class, pressing ahead in an all-out confrontation with France’s capitalist police state, in a fight to bring down the “president of the rich”, ruling against the people. These struggles objectively are uniting workers in a common fight against inflation and austerity, ruinous military spending amid the NATO war on Russia, and police-state rule.

Successfully waging such a struggle depends on linking the mass strikes in France to the explosion of the class struggle unfolding across Europe and internationally in a revolutionary struggle for socialism. Macron has again made clear that there is nothing to negotiate with him or with the banks. The critical question is to transfer state power from the bankrupt capitalist state to the workers’ organizations of struggle, in a socialist revolution in France and internationally to build the United Socialist States of Europe.

Vive la France! Vive la Revolution!!


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